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Finding Your Routine – Don’t Give Up!

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Lighting a fire under yourself can sometimes be a little challenging when you’re feet don’t stay long enough on the ground to “feel the burn.”  This seems to be life these days. So as I work myself through this Fitness challenge this week, I’ve discovered that my routine that I used to do and what I thought worked for me isn’t working anymore.

Leaving the last bit of breath in my day to look at what I need to do, workouts can’t be put off until 11pm unless you are 20 years old and get to sleep until noon.  A similar problem bookends my day with my inability to function in the morning.  I had always hoped that I could get back to morning walks around the neighborhood and waking up with the sun and the world…but with erratic hours of work and writing and everything else, the desire to sleep is greater than the desire to be at one with nature.

So, by process of elimination and default, I have found my fitness routine time – right at the end of my day.  So each day, my commitment is to hit the gym, the pool, the world after work.  There’s an itty bitty tiny window there to do it because if I wait too long, my tired body or the drama from the day or the need to make dinner will take over and bulldoze me down.   If I don’t do it…the truth is it won’t happen.  So, now that I realize this even more so now, it feels a little bit like a big sigh of relief.  I have been swimming against the current for this Fitness challenge…trying to do things that just really don’t work for my life.

Now I know.  Find what works for your life and put yourself in there. Squeeze in a little “ME time” to you day.  Just finding my routine has made me feel a little more relaxed…de-stressed…and I think I may also be feeling a little healthier!

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