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Finding Your Power: Fake It ‘Til You Feel It

“If you know you are in your body and in your power,
the “horse” will follow you.” – Martha Beck at OYou! 2011

Throughout my life, I have always chased self-confidence.  “Fake it ’til you feel it” was my motto.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized that the motto was not mine alone…but that there are many people out there “faking it” through life and the greatest lesson is…this is how we often find our power.

In her amazing and powerful words at the OYou! conference in Atlanta, Martha Beck told us to fake it…in different words but with the same meaning.  Fake it…go through the motions…channel the power and stand up straight…walk with authority…be in charge.  If you do, the horse will follow.  For those of you who did not see the “Finding Sarah” docu-series, there was an amazing moment when Sarah was working with abused horses.  It was powerful.  It was enlightening.  It was what happens in life.

When we see someone who is in their body…in their power…we follow them.  A confident CEO who walks taller, speaks slowly, commands attention.  An actor who holds their head up, smiles with their eyes, breathes the air into a room.  A politician who fills a room, silences a crowd, changes the world.  All of these people harness their power and people follow.  Some do it without hesitation…without missing a beat.  All understand the art of “faking it until you feel it,” and then…once you feel it and find it…the power of the world is with you. So start today…fake it until you feel it and the horse will follow.

6 thoughts on “Finding Your Power: Fake It ‘Til You Feel It

  1. This is harnessing the power of the secret. Last weekend, I was invited to Beverly Hills to meet the lovely mommy team partner of mine Misa Hylton. She invited me to Neiman Marcus to see a trunk show for her client Simone Smith. By the ways the jewelry was beautiful and decadent in purple. So royally decilicious with Swarovski crystal lollipop necklaces! Anywho, as I was leaving I found the perfect office building for my new magazine. Even the address is my birthday twice. Perfect location for guests to stop by, Wilshire. Next door I could even have my dream cafe’. I have no money to pay for it, however this article gives me the courage to move forward with making it mine. I claim it now, I am faking it until I make it!

  2. I am so happy the horse learned to become unafraid. With Princess Fergie’s kind and gentle spirit he gained confidence. I suppose all we really need when we’re afraid is for people to support us with patience and a desire to see us succeed.

  3. I truly believe in faking it until u feel it, one question my kids asked really put things into perspective for me. The question is, how are we being true to ourselves and others if we actually are feeling pain or sadness but when others ask “how are u feeling?” and we say we are great isnt that dishonest or lying? How can I fake it without lying? Isn’t that wrong? Thank you for reading my comment, please respond if possible. Peace!

    1. You kids have a great question. How do you fake it til you feel it but still be honest to what you are feeling? Here’s my response – it’s okay to tell people how you are feeling or even admit it to yourself – “I feel nervous. I feel sad.” But…then, you try to take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I can do this. I am strong. I am happy.” and think about things that make you feel strong and happy. Walking up straight with your shoulders back. Dancing around to your favorite song. Think about your best memory that makes you happy. I think that if you teach kids that it’s good to understand how you are feeling – and that you have the power to choose another feeling if you want – that this helps you find that power and confidence that Martha Beck talks about. I am not an expert…this is just my humble interpretation…because I’m a bit of an expert at faking it til you feel it…and choosing the feeling that I want. Thanks for asking… GREAT question and super smart kids!

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