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Finding the Extraordinary

It’s strange how the world works sometimes.  For the creative mind, sometimes the darkness is where the work comes from.  Music will tell of heartbreak. Movies will take you through troubled journeys. Life…it does the same thing.  Dodging each and every one of us from light to dark and back to light again.  But that’s the key point to remember…back to light again.  Things get better.  Here’s a little tip on what makes the sun in your life come out a little faster. Look for the extraordinary…because when you find it, it’s magical.

When the world slowed down and I first moved to Florida from California, life was heightened.  The noise and fast pace was substituted by a quieter, closer awareness to the world around me.  Looking up and out into the world. Noticing people holding hands, children’s voices, trees swaying in the wind, the sound of laughter, the magic of smiles…everything opened up and came into clear focus.  Life is extraordinary.

Don’t wait to look up from where you are and see the world around you.  Channel your inner photographer to capture those amazing magical moments and then, soak them into your life and fill up your heart because it’s in those moments that you realize…life is amazing.

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