Dr. Laura Berman Show

Dr. Laura Berman talks about sexual fantasies and ending relationships

While admittedly, I feel a little “dirty” turning on OWN’s Monday night lineup…I have to say that sometimes I actually walk away from Dr. Berman thinking…”sex, love, passion…you are right…YOU’RE just not afraid to talk about it…and maybe we shouldn’t be either.”  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes, my mouth drops open and stays that way for the whole hour.  But…if you learn one thing from each show or if it changes one thing in your life or how you feel about something, then it’s worthwhile. 

Tonight, Dr. Berman is keeping with the ‘call in’ format like last week and talking fantasies…if you want to hear them, YOU need to turn the channel to OWN and watch the show.  But here is a few general take aways. “They are perfectly normal…there are all different kinds,” Dr. Berman says. “A lot of people struggle with sharing the fantasies with their partner…that’s totally normal. And there are two kinds of fantasies – ones you just think about and ones you want to act out.  All normal.” 

Another question discussed tonight is “when to know it’s over…when is it time to leave and move on from a relationship?”  Dr. B takes some real calls and offers some very thoughtful answers on how to handle it for yourself, your kids, your world.  Great advice for parents on helping kids have a “healthy and successful transition” through divorce. “Never say anything negative about the other parent,” Dr. Berman says, “because the child internalizes it to be about them self.  This is just what kids do.  How calm and appropriate and on friendly terms the parents can be…that’s what predicts a child’s healthy and successful transition through the divorce process.” 

Finally, Dr. Berman ends with a segment called “we disgree” with Judy and Darrin…and the topic is watching porn.  Dr. B walks them through the discussion…and brings them a little closer in the “disagreement.”  Interesting…was a little OMG at first…but it’s all OK…like watching a very personal therapy session…sharing with the world.  Live and learn a little something everyday.

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