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Did Tivo and I kill All My Children?

So, after Oprah let us all know last week how she could not save our soaps…I have to tell you, I started having a glass half empty kinda week.  Not only was I losing a trusted afternoon friend and mentor who could show me the world, but I was also losing my escape….from my reality into the drama and glamour of the soap world.

For longer than the Oprah Show, I’ve been watching soaps.  It started one summer when I was 7 and broke my arm.  ABC daytime, including Oprah, have been with me through my awkward teenage years, my first real kiss, my first love, my first heartbreak, my college triumphs, my life disasters, greatness, sadness, drama and more.  Now…in a matter of a few short months…even days…that’s all changing. Goodbyes are hard.  I have to say that the Oprah countdown has made me sad…even in the face of being happy for her new adventure with OWN.  But I never thought I’d be saying goodbye to Erica and the Martins.

Life goes on…but bitterness lingers.  I’m loyal.  I’m constant. I also happen to be ‘key demographic material’ for advertisers. I realize AMC and OLTL are not alive…but I think for many of us over the years, they made us feel alive when we may have been stuck in the drama of our own world.   I’m too heartbroken to go find another love for another soap…

So…perhaps I killed the soaps.  Since Tivo, I’ve had the luxury of getting behind and catching up at my own pace.  Apparently, if I don’t watch within 75 hours, my viewing doesn’t count.  So…you would think that if the networks want to really understand who is watching and when, they would take these DVR recordings into account.  It seems like the ratings system hasn’t caught up to technology…or to how viewers watch TV.  Maybe Tivo and I killed the soaps…and if so, I have 5 Tivo’s in my house and I’m probably killing some other good shows too.

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