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Dancing in the Rain

The wind is howling. The air is chilly. Trees are bending. The sky is dark with little twinkling stars. There is definitely a feeling of change in the air. Winter has finally come. Blowing its way through reminding me of the power of nature. Reminding me of the power of all that we have no control over. Reminding me to let go and go with the flow.

The rain pelted down on the roof last night almost as if it was trying to smash through. Holding my ears so I could block out the noises and go back to sleep, I was in awe of the power of nature. Of all that is out there that I have no control over. Allowing me to understand when I resist that which is meant to be I will always feel defeated, deflated and rejected. Because it is not for me to control nor for me to understand. But when I go with the flow like the trees bending and flexing in the wind, I will always be okay. I will have nothing to fear. Nothing to hide. I am always safe. Cocooned from the outside destruction.

Pulling the covers over my head. Grateful to have covers and shelter out of the winter storm blowing through my island home. Thinking of all those people less fortunate who have no shelter. Who have no blankets. No bed. No place to call home. Grateful for all I have. Protected from the rain, the wind and the winter gales blowing through.

Waking up this morning at 4.45 watching time slipping by. Knowing I had to get up but not wanting to. Just lying there and watching time slowly tick by. Listening to the sound of silence and enjoying every moment of it. Reveling in the year gone by. Thinking about what’s to come. Hoping this winter storm blows through quick enough that my family gets to travel tomorrow for a short interlude of escape from reality. 

Getting up this morning feeling a twinge of wonder about the changes I feel coming. Feeling life flowing through every part of my body. Appreciating every aspect of my life. Sitting in silence. Letting my fingers guide me this morning. Writing what comes to me and enjoying hearing what my soul is telling me about me. Feeling possibility oozing through every pore of my body. Through every cell that forms my physical being. Allowing the inner me to guide me. Add sparkle to me. Knowing that when I surrender and let go. When I show gratitude and experience it. When I give of myself to those who need it, doors open to a world that allows possibility, hope, faith, love and light to dwell and radiate. 

That’s where I feel I am right now in that house of faith, hope, love, light, peace, possibility and prosperity and for this blessing and feeling I am truly grateful. Howling winds and all.

And then I was led to this quote, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” And this is why I am feeling so full of life because life is showing me that despite there being a storm howling outside, I am learning to dance in the rain. And what a liberating feeling it is to know I am capable of dancing, growing, moving even in the most harrowing moment. Even in the strongest storm. All I need do is let go and let be. With faith and grace. Knowing this storm too shall pass.

***About Catherine Duffy – A woman in search of truth. A wife trying to love unconditionally. A mother trying to raise good citizens. A writer bursting through. Enjoying life’s journey.  Catherine can be found @duffy_catherine and on her blog from Bermuda · http://bermudacat.blogspot.com.

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