Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins – United We Stand

Each week Breakthrough with Tony Robbins brought hope to a family in crisis. Whether it was money, loss of a dream or even post traumatic issues, he found a way to help couples find their way back to what was important…and each other. This week was a little harder for me to watch. Not because the issues were real or important, but I have a harder time sympathizing with people who take their families for granted and cheaters. Each person did damage and each person was searching for help.

Don’t get me wrong. I wanted Tony to help, but the process can be more frustrating. I know… I’m working on it. In the meantime, I watched as Tony met up with Melissa and Rick Lawson. The couple had bonded earlier in life over their love of music which they often played together in clubs. However, Melissa became the breakout star when she won Nashville Star , which is a lot like country’s version of American Idol. After winning she threw herself into the life and didn’t look back. Unfortunately she didn’t even look back to see her family which consisted of her husband and their five sons. As her husband grew more resentful, he did the obvious and the unthinkable…he cheated on her.

It was time for Tony to step in and help them pull it all back together. He began by teaching them to be present in communication. While Melissa cried and shared her frustrating issues, Tony instructed Rick to stand there and listen and think, “I love you. I worship you. I own you forever.” At first I cringed with the “own you” piece but I got it…it was about knowing that this relationship wasn’t an option. It was for life. Once he got them communicating, Tony decided to send them to a primitive ranch. Yes, the kind that Oprah and Gayle could only handle for a night. With all technology left behind, they were forced to spend time together and rely only upon each other. They needed each other. Feeling like it was more of a punishment, the couple didn’t quite get the point and continued to be both lazy and selfish. But by day 12, the lesson was coming.

Tony gave them their next task. They were leaving, but they had to pack up their stuff and get out on their own….by pulling a wagon. No, not with the help of animals. They were to supply all the force. With a few arguments along the way, the family worked together to pack up and get out of there. Sleeping in your own bed can be a strong motivating factor…even for kids!

The next step was for their family and friends to come together in order to help them. Rick found his passion was his kids and he wanted to be a better father and husband. Melissa realized she had gone after fame at the expense of her marriage and kids. Sharing their realizations and hopes, their family But Tony had one more proposal up his sleeve.

For the next 18 months, all music that Melissa does was to be purely for FREE. Instead she was to focus on the kids and give the gift of music away at church or elsewhere. Now she could write music, but everything else was to be a gift to others. She was scared and looked to her family. Her family members agreed with Tony’s suggestion because they knew the kids needed her. I watched as her ego fought to stay alive. But in the end, she did it. I’m not so sure she would have made that decision if the cameras hadn’t been there.

Tony wasn’t leaving her empty handed. He brought in Nanny Robina Uddin to help her become the mom she wanted to be. As Tony panned the house, everything was a mess. It was symbolic of her life. Still angry about giving up her dream, Melissa was closed off. It was all about her and she was having a hard time putting her family first….but she was trying. After a good talk with her husband she had a breakthough. Her family is what mattered. She was ready to take on the task and leave the old Melissa behind. As they came together, Tony delivered their final task.

He asked them to write a song together that they will perform on stage in Los Angeles in front of hundreds of people. The song would say so much about whether or not they got it. For the first time ever, Melissa didn’t care what the crowd thought…their song, United We Stand, was personal and meant everything to her and Rick. As a final surprise, Tony had invited a friend, Ray Benson, a musician and a music producer, who invited Melissa to record music on his label. Once they put their life back on track…everything else was icing on the cake. The truth is that you don’t have to give up your dreams. You just need to remember what is important.

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