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Believing in a Leap of Faith

OprahBeliefLeapFor as many years I can remember, everything talks about having  faith.  In the late 80’s, George Michael even told me that I HAD to have it.  (I know, I’m totally making myself old!)  I know what it feels like…feeling total despair or hopelessness…being completely torn with grief or consumed with emotion but somehow through it all, finding whatever it is in your soul to keep you moving…and hearing the words that it will be ok…until it actually is ok.  Or having faith that you are where you are meant to be…with a greater understanding that everything is as it should be.  But understanding this, I also know that it’s more than that.  But I never stopped to consider what faith might look like.  Oprah’s Belief series painted those faith photos for me last night…

Believing in faith to move through impossible forgiveness, holding on to faith to understand how to keep moving forward, and taking a leap of faith to honor a tradition, your community and yourself.  Faith is the light that guides during the darkest moments.  It is in the sunrise and the sunset that honor each day you wake up.  Faith propels you to believe that there is purpose in each leap that you take…in forgiveness, in healing,  and in honoring yourself.

So here is the lesson that I found in last night’s episode of Belief…
Believe in yourself…and something greater.  In those moments when you are standing ontop of your own tower looking down, faith will be there to hold your hand to take that leap…


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