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An Adam Glassman Timeless Lesson on Scarfs

As I approach my closet for the “OYou” cleaning, I’ve already run into a section of scarfs that I used to wear ALL the time when I was living in Northern California…but hardly ever get a chance to give a good spin now that I’ve redrawn my life here in sunny Florida.  But…with Fall approachings, it’s still worth the reminder of a few simple scarf tricks to help you wear them well and look your best.
From back in the 2009 archives of, Adam has some great lessons that deserve a dusting off and to be reshared.  Get ready…to make that $20 scarf make you feel pretty!
Adam Glassman’s Timeless Scarf Guide
1. Tie free ends loosely in front or wrap them around neck and knot to one side.
2. Drape scarf around neck so free ends hang down your back, then cross ends and bring around so they hang in front of chest.

3. Fold scarf in half, drape around neck, and pull free ends through loop.

(Adam’s Tips and Scarf StyleGuide and Images are from the website and from the January 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine and can be found online here.)

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