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“America’s Money Class” with Suze Orman – 4 “Must-Have” Documents

On Monday, Suze Orman made a big deal about the 4 “must-have” documents each person should have.  She provided a link to her website and password to get us all started.  Be ready because once you sign in it will ask for lots of financial information.  Take the leap and change your financial future.  Click here to find the link to her site and the promo code you will need to enter!  We also included the Action Plan for the week.  Now, get saving!

Here is the list of the 4 “must-have” documents:

  • Advanced Directive & Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Revocable Trust
  • Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney

Action Plan for Week 2 of America’s Money Class

  • Download the Will and Trust Kit from Suze Orman’s website – The 4 “must-have” documents (link above)
  • Open up a Roth IRA
  • Have full knowledge and understanding of your Retirement Investments
  • Contribute the maximum you can to your 401K…up to the match
  • Open up the conversation of money with your family.  No more secrets!

1 thought on ““America’s Money Class” with Suze Orman – 4 “Must-Have” Documents

  1. love the lesson they really have been helping me to understandwhere i need to be with and in my life. I have to get my finances in order and stop using credit cards to get what i want instead of what i need.

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