The Daily OWN was creatd by us, Martha, Patricia and Paula Pritchard,  in January of 2011 for the world to enjoy the lessons and inspiration from Oprah and the new Oprah Winfrey Network. We started out the website as viewers, looking to pass on the lessons and pay forward the messages. We’ve grown into so much more as we work with next generation thought leaders to inspire and empower others to live with joy and passion.

Recognized by O Magazine and Gayle King during our OYou Boot Camp series, we were thrilled when Gayle personally invited us to be her guests at the 2011 OYou conference in Atlanta and got to meet her in person.  As an added bonus, we appeared in the January 2012 O Magazine alongside Gayle in an article about our experience.  The following March, we were personally invited to NYC to attend a taping of Oprah’s Lifeclass at Radio City Music Hall and meet Oprah, which was an incredible opportunity and surreal experience!

Along the way, we have grown contacts, moved in amazing directions and made lifelong connections that we never could have dreamed of.  In October, we sat down to lunch with Oprah in Los Angeles for the first time with a small group of OWN Ambassadors, a group we helped to envision and grow and who she recognizes through social media with interactions and for some of us, she even follows us.

Since 2011, we have been empowering readers through our  OYou Bootcamp series and hope to continue to move people to make small changes to move towards living their best lives…filled with joy, passion and purpose.  We can’t wait to see what comes next for us in this great adventure!  For those who want to be inspired by life…for those on your OWN journey…enjoy the site…because the love, light and energy that goes into it is all for you.


**Please note THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED WITHIN OUR WEB SITE ARE SOLELY OUR OPINIONS. What is written on the blog/website is to be taken as our opinion rather than fact, advice, or counsel. We simply are here to review, recap and reflect on life and on programming on OWN…and on the lessons we take from it. **

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  1. Great idea. Lifestyle Class – featured Jim Carey and the guest who started Spanx. Who was the other woman on that show who started some sort of apparel business related to low-rise jeans and the name of her company? Thanx.

  2. SO much passion. I just spent hours on your website! Thanks for all you are doing for OWN! How does one become an OWN Ambassador?

    1. Hi Addy. Thanks for finding us. OWN Ambassadors is simply a grass-roots movement that was started last year (an unofficial group) to get people talking about OWN. Anyone can be an OWN Ambassador. It’s simple. Join us on social media during OWN programming and raise your words in support of OWN! Be part of the conversation and start your own OWN conversations. Thanks for asking.

  3. It’s amazing how powerful social media is.Ive been on Twitter for quite some time,but was following the wrong people for awhile who were caught up in alot of negativity,so I left.About a month ago,I decided to give it another try and Im so glad I did.I get up very early every day(between 430-5am) so I could have a special window of time to myself,as Im married with 2 young children.I just finished watching the Lifeclass clips,from your link on Twitter and they were such a beautiful inspiring way to start my day.As one of the posters ADDy said,I could probably spend hours here,unfortunately the free time isnt there.Ive been following Oprah for yrs,she’;s changed my life in so many ways.I credit her for helping to bring out the best in me,with the best yet to come.I was so thrilled when she announced her plans for OWN and what the programming would be about.Unfortunately,I am one of the fans who got left behind because of the greed of the cable companies.The money just isnt there right now to get the programming.Im so grateful to both of you for taking the time to create this site and keep fans like me along for the ride.Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  4. I enjoyed your article on painting your world with your words. It is so true! We, Friends of Hundertwasser are working on a project to restore his great mural Paradise. We are planing to give away the money from its sale to demonstate a way we could collectivly restore the Paradise we collectivly share. Perhaps you could consult for us. I love what you are doing on your OWN. Keep it up! Check out our new website under construction http://www.restoringparadise.org or the old one http://www.voicethread.com/share/2804456#

  5. What an amazing site you have put together! Oprah has inspired me from such a young age, and I feel it is the connection to her viewers guided by her amazing light that really helps us see things in a different light! Well done on an amazing, enlightening accomplishment!! Love and light, Steph x

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