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A Year in Oprah’s Lifeclass

Instead of looking for answers outside of ourselves,
the real work of your life is the continual work on yourself and self-discovery.

– Oprah, From her 1st Lifeclass Webcast, October 10th, 2011

Last year on October 10th, 2011, Oprah sat down to her first Lifeclass. Settling in to the familiar surroundings of her Chicago Harpo Studios, Oprah shared the table with Eckhart Tolle as they talked and taught us about the ego.  Now, a year later I am reflecting back on this Lifeclass experience.  It has been nothing short of life changing…and I bring such tremendous gratitude for the journey.

In the early days of Lifeclass, for those first 25 classes, we were submerged into a 25 day, 2 hour intense program that focused on everything from ego to forgiveness to recognizing joy rising and everything in between.  These first five weeks that came to the world last Fall were intense and full of paradigm shifts on how to look at the world and how to move through your own life.  These beginning classes were raw, intimate and provided amazing tools on how to change anything in the way of living your best life.  Oprah and her Lifeclass team taught us to wake up, be aware and don’t get in your own way.  The early moments brought us an hour of teaching and an hour of live web courses…sitting with Oprah and her co-teachers…sharing the space and the moment.  There was something magical about knowing that they were live and that you could be part of the experience.  These classes did everything to break the mold of regular TV and bring something special to the world.

Over the past year, Oprah and her teachers have traveled the world, have grown their lessons from a small class to concert-sized settings and have opened their doors to the world to attend.  Through it all, big and small venues alike, they have offered something pretty rare… open discussion and insight into our core self….into the spirit of who we are and who we aspire to become.

Today, Oprah’s Lifeclass turns one.  Full of gratitude, my sister and I are so very grateful that it was brought into this world…Lives have been changed. Lessons have been learned. Possibilities and dreams released into the Universe and realized. Thank you Oprah and the whole Lifeclass team, for seeing the vision and for changing the world, one class at a time.  Happy anniversary.

To celebrate the first anniversary, here is the first Lifeclass webcast.

Watch live streaming video from oprahslifeclass at livestream.com

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