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A Brand New Day

This morning I woke up with a new energy and focus.  It felt like the whole universe was full and overflowing with possibilities…all for the taking.  Like a waterfall that you are trying to catch every single bit of water…not wanting to spill a drop.  It’s impossible…yet, amazing.  So much for everyone.  This is how I felt today as I opened my eyes for the New Year.  Anything is possible…it’s just waiting to happen…it’s just waiting to fill your cup!

As I moved over these last couple of weeks with holidays, busy business time, and a visitor or two, I kept in mind what I wanted this next year to look like.  Inspired by so many people I’ve met, teachers that I’ve been introduced to by Oprah and through the magic of social media, I’ve been in awe of so much around me.  I’m not much for resolutions and while my sister picks a “theme” to work on in her life throughout the year, I’m much more simple focused.  I work in lists and check boxes.  I work for completing tasks and getting the job done.  So, for this year…I am taking on the focus of three items per day.  With flexible and loose framing, these are the things that I have decided to add to my list and to my life this year.

  1. Write every day.  There is a book or two that is there…just waiting to come out.  There are stories and moments that I want to capture and share.  There is more of me and life and inspiration just waiting for the words to connect with the world.  This is the year to do it.  This year…every day. 
  2. Move every day.  A few friends offer motivation all of the time. Inspired by some in the rest of the world finding 10 minutes or more a day to focus on moving, I’m adding this to my life.  Move. Move more.  This year….every day.
  3. Take a photo every day.  The inner-photographer in me longs to see the world and connect the moments.  Perhaps with a photo a day I’ll get better…perhaps not.  Either way, I am giving myself the opportunity to see things…and to look for things…each day.  Be inspired by my world.  Be inspired by life.  Stop. Snap. Notice.  This year….every day.

Now, for someone who doesn’t typically take much time for themselves, this seems a little crazy.  But what these self-imposed boot camps that we have created have shown me over the last couple of years is that when you move in the direction of your hearts desires, the rest of the world opens up to you. Setting myself up for a year of focusing on the things that matter the most to me will put me in the right place at the right time for the right things.  My dreams are big….but the dreams the Universe has for me are even greater.  Instead of waiting for them to come true…I’m putting them in motion…and I’m starting with moving in the right direction. 

Join me! Find something for yourself to put on your list for you. Change your life…one day at a time.

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