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10 Awesome Summer Toys

Here are a couple of toys that I would have loved!

  • NERF Super Soaker Lightning-Storm Blaster – Anyone who has ever been in a water fight knows it is all about the weapon.  Well, this super soaker is not only automated, but it actually holds up to 37 ounces in its clip.  Now that is some serious soaking!  
  • Fuze Wheel Writers – Okay I love these, but be prepared to let your kids ride their bikes at night.  Simply add these to your bike and spokes and create an awesome light show.  However I think you can only find them on the Amazon and Costco websites.
  • Lighted Pool NoodlesThere is no argument here.  Lighted pool noodles rock for so many reason.  Of course they light up the pool at night creating a great effect, but let’s be honest…it is SO a water lightsaber!  Throw them in the pool and let the teens so crazy,  Just be sure to apologize to the neighbors the next day!

  • PlasmaCarWhen I was a little kid, I would have loved this!  It doesn’t take a lot to get the little ones playing.  A simple turn of the wheel and they are in motion.
  • Slip ‘n Slide Sports Touchdown Splash – Making a touchdown has never been so much fun!  Even though this game requires a lot more supervision, I couldn’t resist the combo of American favorites.
  • Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Bouncer This is the perfect water obstacle course for the little ones!  It is a little expensive, but if you are looking to spend, this should be a winner!
  • Spin and SparkAlthough the Big Wheel returned this year, I still think that this toy beats it out.  Not only can you do a full 360˚, but you can let the sparks fly!
  • Gazillion Bubble Cannon Load it up, turn it on and fill the yard with bubbles.  The kids will be chasing them for hours and you won’t have to waste your breath.  
  • The Pocket ModThis may be a little pricey, but how cool is this.  Just like a little Vespa for the kids.  The only problem will be keeping the parents off of it!
  • Fortamajig Connectables – If you haven’t draped sheets and blankets across the house to create a fort then you weren’t a serious fort builder!  It was serious business.  Finally someone created a toy to make the whole process a lot easier.  If you can sew, you can totally do this yourself and save a little money! 

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